4 Minute Meditation to Relax Your Voice and Body

4 minute mediation to relax your body, mind, and voice

As singers (and as humans), taking the time to slow down and relax our bodies, minds, and voices is so important. But it’s often lost in the daily shuffle of life. At the start of the pandemic, more was racing through my mind at night, I realized I needed an activity to help calm me. That’s why I created this 4 minute meditation to relax your voice, body, and mind. I’m so excited to be sharing it with all of you today.

All meditation is important. But, I really like this meditation because it helps singers, in particular, learn to relax their voice. And when a singer’s voice is relaxed, their singing is less guarded and anxious. It’s makes such a difference! This mediation was designed with busy people in mind… that’s why it’s only four minutes long. But you’ll be surprised at how much it can still help you! Whether you’re a singer looking to relax or someone who needs a chance to release your anxiety before the day starts or ends, I hope that you find this mediation helpful.

Complete the 4 minute mediation here:

Did you know that increasing the depth of our breathing sends signals through the nervous system that all is well? This, in turn, makes your mind calmer and makes it harder to be anxious! Having a calm mind can ensure that you can focus on decisions and feel good about the things that you’re doing. This is something athletes incorporate into their training. But it is equally effective for singers. In fact, I had the privilege of voice coaching Laila Ali (yes, the undefeated boxer!). And we had a moment that’s stuck with me for years.


Because her experience performing was as an athlete in a boxing ring, going on stage to sing brought up the nerves. She knew how to handle the situation. She said, ‘I need to get my mind right’. So instead we took the time to breathe, center, and get her in a mind frame to perform her best. It was about finding a way to refocus herself so she could achieve her goals. That’s what we want to do.

I hope that this mediation allows you to focus on what matters most to you. Listen to it when you need to slow down or calm down. Try it before you perform if you get anxious. Or use it to wind down for bed. Whatever works for you, take the time to rest and center yourself and your voice.

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