Artist services


Voice and Performance Coaching for Singers, Rappers, and Bands.

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Optimize the voice with tailored and targeted training

Build vocal strength, stability, and stamina.

Draw out authentic vocal character, style, and brand.

Rehabilitate/prevent voice issues due to overuse, misuse, illness, and injury.


Maximize performances on stage, in studio, and on camera

Amplify physical and energetic presence in live performances (performance coaching)

Stylize and arrange vocal lines for live shows, recordings, and auditions (vocal producing)

Craft songs, sets, and entire shows with compelling moment

For Single Sessions, 3-Session Package, or

12-Week Singer Intensive Program

Tamara Beatty is a skilled vocal coach and considered among her colleagues and peers to be one of Canada’s top experts on the voice and vocal coaching.”

~Spencer Welch- Director of Education “Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), Vancouver, BC.

Within a matter of minutes Tamara can isolate an emotional block or thought process that is holding someone back and help them remove it and awaken to a new depth of expression.

~ Prosad, Recording Artist & Touring Musician, Saskatoon, SK

In one session with Tamara I could feel my understanding of my voice and my ability to connect with my crowd deepen and I knew that things would never be the same for me or my fans.

~ Jocelyn Alice.   Artist/Singer/Songwriter, Sony USA.  Los Angeles, CA

Has anyone ever called you the 'Voice Whisperer' (as in Buck, the Horse Whisperer) because that's how you appeared to me.

~ Ric Levenston- participant of “Signature Sound” Workshop- Toronto.

Tamara has such an intuitive sensibility that honestly made me think she had already known me since the beginning of my singing career.

~ Maddison Krebbs- Canadian Country Artist and CCMA Discovery Program finalist. Calgary, AB.

Wield your energy to create brilliance—or the illusion of it!