How to Hit the High Notes Using Your Chest Voice

I’ve got a quick tip for you today about how to sing your high notes in chest voice in a healthy and supported way! We’re going to walk through a quick exercise to help you develop your chest voice (or belt voice) so you feel more comfortable. We recently talked about how to hit high…

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How to Hit High Notes as a Singer

How to Hit High Notes as a Singer: tips to work on exercises and songs with high notes from vocal coach and VoiceFit founder Tamara Beatty

As a coach, a big focus for most singers is hitting the high notes. Everyone loves these notes – they help us express emotions, they help us to bring what’s inside out, and it feels really good when we hit them! But sometimes, hitting those high notes isn’t as easy as it seems and it…

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How to Relax Your Speaking Voice as a Singer

We always talk about our singing voices here – but there’s something else we need to talk about: our speaking voice. How we use our “normal speaking voice” can deeply impact our singing voices. There’s so many scenarios that change how we use our speaking voice. From crowded spaces to more animated conversations to whispering…

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Why You Need a Strong Vocal Foundation as a Singer

Why You Need a Strong Vocal Foundation as a Singer: vocal coach Tamara Beatty talks about having a healthy and strong voice

This year, I want to help you create a stronger, healthier voice. At the heart of it, a good vocal foundation the best way to do that. If you want a strong vocal foundation, you need vocal stability in a few different key areas of your voice. If you have this type of strength, you…

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How Much Vocal Rest Can Your Voice Take?

How much vocal rest can your voice take? Vocal coach Tamara Beatty shares how to regain strength after time off from singing

Let’s talk about vocal rest today! Vocal rest happens when you need to stop singing or take a break from using your voice as a performer. A question I’m asked a lot is HOW long can someone take off before they begin to lose the strength they’ve worked so hard to gain? Today, that’s what…

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When Not to Warm Up as a Singer

When Not to Warm Up as a Singer: Vocal Coach Tamara Beatty shares when you might not want to warm up before singing

This week, we’re talking more about vocal warm ups for singers. In recent posts, we’ve talked about how to warm up and why it’s important. But today, I want to share about the instances where a vocal warm up might not be the best thing for you. Crazy, I know! We’re taught early on that…

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How to Improve Your Articulation as a Singer

Improve Your Articulation with a few simple exercises to create better sounds and tone shared by voice coach Tamara Beatty

This week, we’re talking about how to improve your articulation as a singer. You might have an idea of what articulation means – a proper sound, clear diction, or extra pronunciation for example. For some styles of music, that’s exactly what you need – to hear every sound clearly. But for many other styles, super…

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Inspiration and Lessons from Tony Hawk 🛹💕

What voice coach Tamara Beatty learned from skateboarding legend Tony Hawk while teaching him how to use his voice as a singer

There’s no two ways about it. Tony Hawk is cool. If you don’t know him, take a quick google search and you’ll see he’s a legend in his field. He’s a skateboarding guru and one of the true founders of the sport. He’s incredible, bold adventurous, highly skilled, and, I’ll say it again, cool. When…

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3 Exercises to Improve Your Belt

3 Sissy exercises for hardcore belters: tips for singers to build a stronger belt from voice coach Tamara Beatty

Want to improve your belt voice? If you’re not familiar with this term – it’s basically singing high and strong in your chest voice. Most singers want to be able to belt, or sing powerfully higher up in their range. But many people find that singing this way causes vocal fatigue, and requires forcing or…

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Improve Your Pitch with The Chromatic Scale

Improve your pitch using the chromatic scale as a singer: easy exercises to improve your ear shared by vocal coach Tamara Beatty

Today, we’re talking about a subject a lot of singers are interested ini: singing on pitch. While I recently talked about three reasons why you go off pitch when you sing, I wanted to share a simple exercise that will help you be able to train your ear to improve your pitch. This exercise is…

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How NFL Star Jordan Mailata Can Help Us in The Music Industry

What I learned as a voice coach working with professional athlete Jordan Mailata on The Masked Singer shared by Tamara Beatty

Meet Jordan Mailata from the Philadelphia Eagles! This guy is 6’8”, 365lbs, and an incredible athlete… but don’t let that fool you. He’s also an amazing singer and I had the privilege of working with him last winter for The Masked Singer, as his vocal coach. His joy for life and for singing is infectious.…

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How Physical Workouts Affect Your Signing

How Physical Workouts Affect Your Singing

Today, we’re talking about whether or not physical workouts affect your singing voice. Without a doubt, the way you workout, build strength, build stamina, and your condition your body can absolutely impact your voice. Depending on how you do your exercises, you may be negatively impacting the ease with which you sing.  So, today I’ll…

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A Message to You From a Dear Friend

Have you ever tried to find something you thought you lost? You look in every drawer, every corner, and even retrace every step you made. But you can’t find it. You look again. But nothing surfaces! Then, hours or days later, you find it in the EXACT same drawer you looked in several times! Why…

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How to Get Your Voice in Shape, Part 1: Consistency

I’m so excited about today’s video and blog, because we’re talking about getting your voice back into shape! This is the first of a four part series, and no matter what reason you have for wanting to sing with more ease, this 4-step process will help! When you sing, it’s important to make sure your…

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Learn How to Riff – 5 Easy Steps

So you want to learn how to riff better! Singing riffs and runs isn’t something that’s natural for everyone. Yes it’s true that some people find them easy to do, copy, and come up with. But for most of us it takes time, patience, and a little know-how to learn how to do them. But…

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How Loud Should You Practice as a Singer?

How Loud Should You Practice as a Singer: questions to ask yourself and two exercises to help build strength in your voice

Being a singer is the best! It’s full of moments of pure joy… and lots of moments of frustration. All we really want is to be able to sing in a way that feels good (and sounds good too). But there are so many things that you can get caught up on when it comes…

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