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how to do a lip trill properly for singers from vocal coach Tamara Beatty

The Lip Trill – How to Do It Properly!

Let’s talk about Lip Trills! Some singers use them, some don’t. Same with vocal coaches. Sometimes coaches believe in them – and others think there’s no benefit. If you ask me, I think Lip Trills are an amazing tool for singers… if you do them right. No matter what warm ups or techniques you use…

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What is The Purpose of Technique?

Technique!! Unlike other instrumentalists who almost always need to learn technique before they can play their instrument, singers have the luxury of being able to skip this step sometimes.  But, if the free expression of your voice is limited by lack of knowledge or skill, then good technique can bridge this gap. Technique can help…

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Tight Voice? What Do You Do?

What do you do when you go to sing and you feel tight? Or what about if your singing feels a bit laboured, or you can’t quite access the sound you know is inside? There are many reasons why this may be happening. Most singers, when I ask them what they do when this is…