How to Hit the High Notes Using Your Chest Voice

high chest voice tip 2

I’ve got a quick tip for you today about how to sing your high notes in chest voice in a healthy and supported way! We’re going to walk through a quick exercise to help you develop your chest voice (or belt voice) so you feel more comfortable. We recently talked about how to hit high notes and how many singers go between their vocal registers to do so. I want you to really focus on this specific exercise if you like to stay in your chest voice  to sing high. Especially, if you find it can feel tight or difficult.

Hit High Notes with this Chest Voice Exercise

Start with a 5-note scale. It’s really simple and goes from do-sol (or so) and you can easily pluck it out on the piano. Using the syllable “bow” (as in bow tie), sing up the scale. At some point you’ll find a spot that feels tight as you begin to move up your scales. This spot will feel tight or like it’s tugging on your voice a little bit. It’s right at this spot that you’re going to begin to open up a little more as you sing.  As you do, you change your habit of closing down on your sound, and allow your voice to hit the high notes more easily!

Watch this week’s video to try the exercise and see what I mean!

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