How Physical Workouts Affect Your Signing

How Physical Workouts Affect Your Singing

Today, we’re talking about whether or not physical workouts affect your singing voice. Without a doubt, the way you workout, build strength, build stamina, and your condition your body can absolutely impact your voice. Depending on how you do your exercises, you may be negatively impacting the ease with which you sing. 

So, today I’ll be sharing a few tips to help you continue to do the workouts you love without promoting more tension in your singing voice! Before we dive into everything, remember that these are reminders for you to help your voice! This is not meant to create an obligation when working out or to take away from the release you may find from exercise. 

Training with Tension

It usually goes like this. You’re working out. You do crunches to firm up the belly, bench presses to strengthen your chest, or TRX rows to build your arms. You might also add in a little cardio – running in the mornings, a bike ride outside, or a youtube aerobic workout. Meanwhile you start to mysteriously feel tension in your voice when you sing. It sneaks up and is hard to shake because it doesn’t seem like you’re doing anything different. There is one thing that can be the source of the problem that no one looks out for. How you workout.

Types of Physical Activity That Can Cause Extra Tension

Take running for example. The way you breathe in your air, the temperature of the air you’re breathing in, and where you take your impact can all affect whether or not your voice also feels the impact. Another example is when you’re lifting weights. You don’t want to just do them any old way. It’s very easy to hold tension in certain areas of your body that may really affect how easily you sing. No matter what activity you’re doing, knowing how to reduce the tension for your voice, is helpful as a singer.

A Reminder for You! 

Of course, one workout isn’t going to ruin your voice past the point of no return! It’s so helpful to do the movement and exercise that makes you feel good. But if you’re looking to improve the ease in your voice when you sing, and you are doing ay exercises, calisthenics, or workouts – then it is helpful to understand the correlation between working out and singing. 

Learn more about workouts and your voice in this week’s video! 

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