How to Get a Stronger Singing Voice: Why Your Vocal Foundation Matters

How to get a stronger singing voice: why strong vocal foundation matters shared by vocal coach Tamara Beatty

Today, we’re talking about something really important: how to get a stronger singing voice by building your vocal foundation. There’s very few times I’ll ever say you need something as a singer, but a vocal foundation is DEFINITELY one of those must-haves! Especially if you want to tour!!  If you’re wondering why that is, it’s pretty simple: a vocal foundation is the precursor to all of the things singers want. The ability to sing long, high, strong, have stamina, and do what you want. All of those things require vocal fitness. The cornerstone of vocal fitness is your vocal foundation.

Why do you need a vocal foundation?

In fact, every singer I’ve ever worked with wants vocal stamina, strength, and style. While you can try many methods to get these things,  improving your core vocal skills (aka: your vocal foundation) is the best way to go! Without these skills, it will be hard to progress as a singer or actually build strength across your entire voice range.

Frankly, you miss out on a lot of the strength and skills you could have as a singer when you don’t have a strong foundation. Another thing you may be experiencing if your foundational skills are lacking is fatigue. Vocal fatigue is really frustrating (among other things!) and it’s something many singers experience. In fact, they put up with it and just keep going. But: it doesn’t need to be like that!

If vocal foundations are so important, why don’t more singers “just build it”?

First, I don’t think most singers know how to build a strong foundation. Many of the trainings or work that’s out there aren’t about building a strong foundation. They’re about building strength and power without first building this. So, when you’re trying to work through those types of training, you’ll find yourself plateauing at some point. Or fatiguing.  Second, people don’t want to backtrack and build these foundational skills because they can tae some time. Finally, they’re worried about losing their signature sound. While it IS possible to iron out your signature sound when training a certain way, I promise you: I’m not here to do that to your signature sound. I want to make you feel stronger and more efficient as a vocalist! A strong vocal foundation means that you know how to use your voice efficiently and effectively.

While building a strong foundation can take time, it’s better than dealing with chronic voice fatigue and having to backtrack each time. The process of creating your vocal foundation takes about three months for most singers… and it’s SO worth it. For some vocalists, it’s as simple as practicing a few key skills. For others, it’s more repetition and consistency to build your foundation. Regardless, it’s something you grow it. It’s not something you have to do before you can sing. It’s something you can do along with your current training!

I know that it can seem scary to start something new. But the reality is that you, as a singer, are capable of so much more than what you’re doing now. It is possible to feel and sound so much better – and singing becomes even more enjoyable when you know you’re taking care of yourself.

Signs you have a strong vocal foundation

So now that you know what I mean when I say “vocal foundation” and why you should build yours, here’s a few ways you would know that you have a strong foundation! First, you’ll be able to sing across your registers easily – connecting with so much more ease. Also, if you have a strong vocal foundation, you won’t have vocal fatigue and you’ll be able to build the strength and power you want in your voice. With a solid voice foundation, you’ll be able to make progress, and see the results of your practice!

The bottom line: if you want to increase your range, your strength, your stamina, and increase your vocal power, (and get rid of fatigue) you need a strong vocal foundation.

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