One ‘Must-Know’ Vocal Styling for Pop and Country Singers


In today’s video, we’re focusing on a specific pop vocal styling. It’s one that is EVERYWHERE in pop music! Understanding this styling is important and I want you to feel confident about how you use it. I call it the crackle! But this tiny sound is technically known as a glottal onset. This term may be new to some. But others may have strong associations with this word. Before you jump to any conclusions, read on because this styling (which can be modified to suit your tastes is definitely a hallmark of pop! 

Pop Styling: The Crackle!

Throughout today’s video, we’re going to look at three artists who use this pop styling often – and very well. First is Demi Levato. She uses the crackle at the onset of some, but not all of her words. If you listen to some of her older music, you’ll hear that really clearly. Another artist to listen to is Shawn Mendes. In his music, you’ll hear that he drops in the crackle enough that you hear it but isn’t terribly overdone. Finally, we’ll listen to some music by Billie Eilish! She gets closer to the mic when she’s recording and her use of this styling is much more nuanced. She uses the crackle in spots that other artists may not and the resulting sound is very unique. 

If you’re using this styling, you want to have strong vocal fitness. Glottal onset requires that you close your vocal cords with less airflow, so you need to have a strong base to try this skill. If you don’t, you may be tightening while you do it, and that can cause undue vocal fatigue. This styling is great because it provides more intimacy in your vocals and creates a unique sound! 

Walk through the examples with me in today’s video! 

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