Why You Need a Strong Vocal Foundation as a Singer

Why You Need a Strong Vocal Foundation as a Singer: vocal coach Tamara Beatty talks about having a healthy and strong voice

This year, I want to help you create a stronger, healthier voice. At the heart of it, a good vocal foundation the best way to do that. If you want a strong vocal foundation, you need vocal stability in a few different key areas of your voice. If you have this type of strength, you will be able to build a strong voice that doesn’t fatigue easily. Just like any other part of your body – having strength and being flexible allows you to stay healthy. So many singers think that singing higher and stronger is the way to go. But if you don’t have the foundation you need with strong vocal stability, whatever you build may not last. Having a strong vocal foundation will change your life as a singer and performer. Wondering exactly why that is? Let’s talk about it.

Why You Need a Strong Vocal Foundation as a Singer

Let’s talk about architecture for a moment. Hang in there with me – I promise, it’s worth it. You can’t build a strong house on a weak foundation, right? We all know that. But WHY can’t we build a strong building on a weak foundation? Because it isn’t stable. This idea carries through almost any other experience in our lives. We can’t do super hard exercises if we aren’t strong enough. Then we have to backtrack and risk injury. We can’t start on chapter 100 and hope to understand the material if we skipped chapters 1-99. The same concept applies to your singing. You can’t have a strong voice if your foundation is weak. 

Skipping ahead without a strong foundation is damaging and frankly, a waste of time, simply because we didn’t build the stability we need.

A strong vocal foundation helps us create stability for the work we want to do. If you work and push to get more strength without first having a strong foundation, you are wasting time, and probably money. If you start by building a strong vocal foundation, you won’t have to backtrack. And, you will be saving your voice from a lot of unnecessary wear and tear.  It’s tempting to jump this step because we want the end product. But I promise, that the end product of singing easily and freely, or higher and stronger, starts with a foundation.

‌How do you build a strong foundation?

Building a strong vocal foundation can take as little as 10 minutes a day at first. You can build that with specific exercises in small doses. I’ve got several exercise videos you can watch to work on your foundational skills. Most people can jump right into them because they’re not a super big range or difficult exercises. Take it slowly and don’t push yourself. Taking the time to build this foundation will make a difference as you begin to do more advanced work as a performer! Check out more resources below to work on your vocal foundation!!



I have designed a 6 Week Training Program to build your vocal foundation! Check out Foundations Training to gain foundational strength in 6 key areas of your voice. By working on your voice foundations, you’ll be able to build a stronger voice, reduce vocal fatigue, and so much more!

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