Workshops with world-class instruction and live coaching for artists, music organizations and private studios.

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"If you attend one of Tamara's (masterclass) workshops, you will not leave with the same voice that you came in with and most certainly, if you are open to it, your self image and belief system will also be transformed"

~ Prosad, Vancouver, BC, Recording Artist.

 Creating “Powerful” Performances

How professional artists and their teams spend countless hours on things we never think of to create engaging performances! 
 75-90 min. 
 120-180 min. with additional live coaching. Perfect for Private Voice Studios/Organizaitons

 Signature Sound for Singers  

How to uncover your Signature Sound by drawing out your unique traits and knowing when and when not to rely on technique. 
 75-90 min.

 CHOPS for Touring/Professional Musicians

How to prepare for and maintain your voice to withstand the demands of touring: singing, socializing, schedules, stress.
 75-90 min.


Tamara Beatty is a skilled vocal coach and considered among her colleagues and peers to be one of Canada’s top experts on the voice and vocal coaching.”

~Spencer Welch- Director of Education “Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA), Vancouver, BC.

Within a matter of minutes Tamara can isolate an emotional block or thought process that is holding someone back and help them remove it and awaken to a new depth of expression.

~ Prosad, Recording Artist & Touring Musician, Saskatoon, SK

In one session with Tamara I could feel my understanding of my voice and my ability to connect with my crowd deepen and I knew that things would never be the same for me or my fans.

~ Jocelyn Alice.   Artist/Singer/Songwriter, Sony USA.  Los Angeles, CA

Has anyone ever called you the 'Voice Whisperer' (as in Buck, the Horse Whisperer) because that's how you appeared to me.

~ Ric Levenston- participant of “Signature Sound” Workshop- Toronto.

Tamara has such an intuitive sensibility that honestly made me think she had already known me since the beginning of my singing career.

~ Maddison Krebbs- Canadian Country Artist and CCMA Discovery Program finalist. Calgary, AB.

‘Cultivate the skill you need to bring out your authenticity. Then focus in on the MAGIC!'

~ T